Cybernetics and Information Technologies
Volume 2, No 2. Sofia, 2002, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

A Generalized Net, Description for Laryngeal Pathology Detection Excluding the Refusal from Classification Option

Stefan Hadjitodorov*, Petar Mitev*, Krassimir Atanassov*, Georgi Gluhchev**, Vassil Vassilev**, Anthony Shannon***
* Centre for Biomedical Engineering, 1113 Sofia, E-mails:,,
** Institute of Information Technologies, 1113 Sofia, E-mails:,
*** KvB Institute of Technology, North Sydney, 2060, University of Technology, Sydney, 2007, AUSTRALIA, E-mail:

A Generalized Net (GN - an extension of the Petri net) model of the process of laryngeal pathology detection is described. The model is the second one from a series of investigations on the application of the GNs to the speech analysis problems.

Keywords: Generalized net, Laryngeal pathology detection, Model.