Cybernetics and Information Technologies
Volume 4, No 1. Sofia, 2004, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Overview of Research and Software Approaches for Multidimensional Data Analysis

Ivanka Valova1, Bozhan Zhechev2, Vladimir Valov2

1Institute of Control and System Research,1113 Sofia E-mail:
2 Institute of Computer and Communication Systems,1113 Sofia E-mail:

Abstract: In this paper a comparative analysis was made of the most frequently quoted research multidimensional models and approaches, specifying advantages and disadvantages of each one. The application software products are also studied. The . Codd's rules are analyzed and it was evaluated its applicability in the available software products for analytical data processing. A special focus is made on the multidimensionality, being a key requirement in discussed models, used in OLAP systems.

Keywords: fact, D-structures, relational algebra, software products for on-line processing